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Welcome to my blog as the Tutor of

Essex Countryside & Wildlife Course


I'm ROGER TABOR, and this blog is to give a flavour of the activities on the course. What does it cover?


Everything about the history & wildlife of Essex & its countryside!


Every evening & every year of the course is different as we follow an ever changing range of topics.


I note here some of the things we have looked at!


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By Roger Tabor, Aug 1 2018 01:21PM

AAfter a great lunch at the Red Lion at Kirby le Soken, we headed south to Great Holland Hall where our tutor Roger Tabor talked about the buildings, & former farmer Charles Hick's C19 diary which covered the era of the 1930 "Swing Riots" which involved Gt & L Holland & Kirby le Soken as well as other places across the S & E. Threshing machines were destroyed as a reaction to mechanisation & a number of factors affecting agricultural workers livelyhoods. The Hall was also subsequently significant for Mr Hick's daughter in law Lilian Hicks b 1853 & her daughter Amy b 1877 were active in Women's Suffrage.

By Roger Tabor, Aug 1 2018 12:42PM

Coach pick up at Writtle, then first stop the impressive Norman Great Clacton Church, large due to Richard de Belmais Bishop of London 1108-27, wide pilaster responds, the bases of vaulting ribs in the nave reveal it was formerly vaulted like Copford Church [also was under the Bishops of London). Thich walls, deeply recessed large windows, important church. Pict of Roger Tabor talking about the large external corresponding flat butresses.

By Roger Tabor, Aug 23 2017 05:15PM

A real treat to walk in the dappled light of this ancient woodland & to find a great range of wild flowers, including ones such as Hedge Woundwort, which as its name implies was used in the past to treat wounds by village herbalists. Beautiful Labiate flowers with beetroot & cream colours in matched swirls.

By Roger Tabor, Aug 23 2017 04:11PM

Listening to our tutor Roger Tabor who is standing in Wicken Water dry stream-bed in Arkesden, NW Essex, talking about the Erratic boulders formed 55 Myr ago, - Sarsen stones & puddingstone. Moved by ancient Thames & Ice Age glaciers. In front of the churchyard is the War Memorial utilising a large puddingstone erratic boulder.

By Roger Tabor, Jul 26 2017 10:28AM

Essex Countryside & Wildlife course accompanied our tutor Roger Tabor to Brightlingsea where he had first found Lesser Calamint growing a few years ago in the medieval churchyard. We were there to monitor if there were changes in its distribution in the churchyard. It was not yet in flower, but it is a distinctive plant, & compared to Roger's last records we were able to show that it had spread. Good news for a rare plant that especially likes churchyards.