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I'm ROGER TABOR, and this blog is to give a flavour of the activities on the course. What does it cover?


Everything about the history & wildlife of Essex & its countryside!


Every evening & every year of the course is different as we follow an ever changing range of topics.


I note here some of the things we have looked at!


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Feb-March 2018 Gobies, Blennies & Prawns on Essex Coast

By Roger Tabor, Mar 19 2018 06:55PM

Investigated ID, habitats, behaviour & ecology of Essex coastal Gobies, Blennies & Prawns/Shrimps. C. Goby has eyes set higher than C Blenny, & C Goby has gap between ant. & post. dorsal fins unlike C Blenny. ID of prawn species by the spines on its rostrum using microscope as well as hand lens. History of Leigh-on-Sea's Bawleys, & catching Brown Shrimps & "Pink Shrimps" at different locations. Examined eggs held on females swimmerets. (Picts of toothed rostrum on Essex coastal C Prawn, & Essex Countryside & Wildlife course looking at rostrum by binocular microscope for species ID).

Talked of story of a couple of shrimp boats that were part of "Little Boats" at Dunkirk in WWII.

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